Top 500 - Free Reload Free Spins

If you frequent online casinos, you've probably heard about - or received a number of - reload bonuses. These bonuses are often given when you make a deposit, and they apply to both new and existing players. If you've never heard of the terms reload free spins, or reload cash backs, read on for an in-depth explanation.

What Are Reload Bonuses?


In an increasingly competitive online gaming industry, casinos have to do more than just offer games and fancy welcome bonuses if they want to attract and maintain a decent number of players. A reload bonus is one of the most common tools used by many Australian online casinos to keep their players happy.

As mentioned earlier, these bonuses are unlocked after the player makes a deposit, and may either be in form of cash, game coins, or reload free spins. Mostly, casinos give out cash percentages of the deposit as it offers them more room to demand higher play-through rates. For instance, while free spins can have a minimum wagering limit of 10x-15x, cash bonuses usually require around 25-50x play-throughs.

Reload bonuses may either be a one-off offer or a recurring promotion, depending on the casino. And apart from the first deposit (welcome bonuses), reload bonuses are generally less lucrative and typically don't go beyond 100% of the deposit amount. Further, some are limited to certain slots while others can be used on any of the slots featured at the given casino.

What Are Free Spins?


These are offers that allow you to spin a reel without needing to put in a stake. For instance, if you get awarded 20 reload free spins, you are allowed to spin the reels of the given slot 20 times without using your bankroll, while the winnings you make get automatically credited to your account.

Free spins bonuses are the most common type of casino bonuses and are typically used by both casino operators and game developers to tempt people to try out new games without risking their play money. Indeed, the thrill of having nothing to lose (literally), plus the chance of potentially cashing out the winnings, allows players using free spins to relax and enjoy the game in its rawest form.

Free spins bonuses may, as previously mentioned, either be a bonus by themselves or part of another bonus. The latter is quite a common phenomenon, with many casinos offering players certain percentages of cash backs on their deposits, topped with a bunch of free spins - for added effect.

Notably, casinos are quite generous with giving out free spins compared to cash backs. For instance, a casino may give out 100 reload free spins with a 30% match bonus limited to $50. For that reason, it is advisable to always keep an eye on your favorite casino's promotions page and instantly apply for all new free spin promotions.

How to Claim Reload Free Spins and Cash Bonuses


Unlike no deposit bonuses (that come laden with all sorts of conditions and requirements) reload bonuses are remarkably very easy to claim, provided your deposit reflects on your casino account. In fact, the majority of casinos release the bonuses automatically when you load your account, while some may require you to do manual activations through bonus codes.

In simple terms, bonus codes are combinations of numerical, alphabetical, or mixed symbols that can be used to unlock exclusive gifts if used within a specific time frame. Some casinos integrate bonus codes into their reward system to either give their bonuses an 'exclusive' feel or give the players a bit of challenge that leaves them feeling accomplished and happy with the casino when they unlock the bonus.

As such, to claim your free spins or cash bonuses (or whatever you receive), you need to first read your casino's terms and conditions then check how the bonuses are dispatched. If they are automatic, just make your deposit and wait for at least 24 hours. If manual, visit your casino's promotions page, or their social media pages and copy the bonus code therein and paste it in the bonus activation page after you complete your deposit.